At True Masons, we love the challenge of unique restoration projects and pride ourselves at being a leading masonry contractor in the restoration field.  We have extensive experience with a variety of restoration projects and employees with specialized skills. We can rebuild and restore various types of stone, including sandstone and limestone, repoint, and clean brick.

Your foundation is the most important part of any home. As the years go by and foundations begin to move and shift, there is not better investment than to make it right. .

Vertical and diagonal cracks may be due to uneven foundation settling, or to concrete that shrank during the curing process. Cracks should be repaired to prevent water leaks and the cause of the settlement should be evaluated. Installing wall anchors will be vital to the longevity of the foundation.

Bowed foundation walls and cracks can be due to pressure that builds up in the soil outside foundation walls. Whether it be a new home or existing excessive moisture causes soil, especially clay soils in Oxford county, to expand and push against the wall or slab, drying causes it to contract which can cause major problems. Temperature changes, especially when soil freezes and thaws also cause soil movement. Options include exterior drainage systems, wall reinforcement and wall anchors, along with structural and non-structural crack repair.

Cracks may signal foundation movement. They may also be caused by rot that has compromised the framing that underpins the house (joists, beams, posts, and sills). Outside the house, look for cracks in foundation walls and exterior masonry veneers. Inside an affected home, ceiling moldings may have separated and spaces may have opened between walls and ceilings. Cracked drywall at the top corners of windows and doors can be another symptom of a settled foundation. If you see such cracks, there’s a good chance that windows and door may be difficult to open and close.

We have extensive experience in foundation repair as well as waterproofing basements. Contact us if you have any concerns about any of the above issues.

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